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Aries personality traits and characteristics! It’s officially Aries season and this is a beginner astrology lesson on the Aries zodiac sign. They are the first sign of the Zodiac wheel, so HAPPY NEW YEAR astrology lovers. We just went from the 0 to the 1.

While there is so much to each zodiac personality traits, especially depending on where each zodiac sign is in your natal chart, remember this is a general interpretation of the Aries personality and Aries traits. There are even different schools of thought when it comes to Astrology. However, I hope that you enjoy this video which is intended for astrology for beginners or beginner astrology.

This all about Aries video is really in regards to the Aires sun. Sun sign in Aries (also know as the Star sign in Aries) is known for having a temper and a short fuse, but as an Aries evolves and learns their own life lessons they are able to fully bloom into this passionate leader of a person who helps inspire others! Learn all about it in this video.

Astrology is a beautiful way to become more aware of self and understanding what lies dormant beneath our personality and characteristics. It’s a way to bring forth what we already know, into the conscious mind to help us develop our selves and challenge our shadow. Learning astrology has helped me overcome my own ego when needed, find myself within myself and help me evolve.

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